A error occured on JIRA dialog



Just wonder I constantly hit this dialog box popup on JIRA:

An error occurred

Then I click its “Details”, the message show:

Exception: Error: Unexpected message received from: https://app.hiptest.com for iFrameResizer5. Message was: [iFrameSizer]iFrameResizer5:126:319:init. This error can be disabled by adding the checkOrigin: false option.

I then go to “Manage Add-ons” and click Hip-test -> Configure, there’s no place to let me specify “checkOrigin” as stated above.

What should I do?

// Ming


Hello Ming,
This issue was introduced during the hiptest domain name migration.
All you need to do is to force the Hiptest Jira plugin to use the newest one.
Go to Manage Add-ons” and click Hitest -> Configure and change default url from https://hiptest.net to https://app.hiptest.com


I encountered this bug after upgrading JIRA from 7.1.2 to 7.9.0. To replicate:

  • In the plugin’s “Manage” page (/plugins/servlet/hiptest/admin), set the Hiptest URL to ‘httXXps://hiptest.net’, as would be the case for anyone who installed Hiptest pre-domain-name migration.
  • In Hiptest, pick a scenario and copy its URL, which will be of the form httXXps://app .hiptest.com/projects//test-plan/folders/
  • Paste the URL into a JIRA issue’s hiptest panel to add it. This should work.
  • View a Scrum Board containing the issue (create a board if ncessary).
  • In the Board’s backlog, click the issue to preview it in the right panel.

At this point you will get a “An error occurred” box, with details saying “Exception: Uncaught Error: Unexpected message received from: httXXps://app.hiptest.com for iFrameResizer0”.

This is due to the iframe loading from ‘httXXps://hiptest.net’, but then trying to pull content from httXXps://app .hiptest.com.

In JIRA 7.1.2 this doesn’t occur, because JIRA Agile doesn’t attempt to load plugin iframes in the preview.

IMO this is an Hiptest plugin bug. There needs to be a new release with an upgrade task to migrate from old to new URL.

EDIT: urls munged with XXs to avoid stupid “new users can only put 2 links in a post.” errors