Ability to choose visibility of test step levels in test run



When I create a high level action word, sometimes I want to add lower level steps which give more description of how to carry out the action. Hiptest is great in allowing me to do this.

But when I run the test, I want to be able to choose which level of description to show. Suppose I have the following action word and lower level steps:
ACTION WORD -> Submit the status to the API
STEP 1 -> Create a status JSON object
STEP 2 -> Open terminal and run command

When I run the above steps, there are 2 possibilities and neither are handled well by the current implementation.

  1. I am a tester who knows how to submit a status to the API. I don’t need to see the lower level steps. In this case, I want to choose not to see the lower level steps when I run the test because they make the test longer and harder to read. Also, currently the top level action word is not shown at all and therefore l lose the main context of this action step which is to submit the status.

  2. I am a tester who doesn’t know how to submit a status to the API. I want to see the lower level steps. In this case, not seeing the top level action word gives me no context as to why I am executing the lower level steps. Why am I creating a JSON object? Why am I running the command? I can complete all the lower level steps but without looking back at the script and higher level action words, it’s not clear what I’m trying to achieve.

In order to fix the above, I think it should be better to show only the high level action words by default but be able to expand these into their lower level steps when necessary.




That’s a very good idea :+1: thanks Jim for your feedback :slight_smile:

We’ll discuss about this enhancement in our next product meeting and will keep you informed of the team’s decision.



Hi Houda
Thanks for your reply - I’m glad you like the idea. To be honest, this is the main thing stopping me from using Hiptest all the time (along with pytest support :wink: ). I really really hope that this can be implemented and soon! :smile:
Please keep me informed.