Action Word Change Reflecting in Test Runs


With UI Changes (Which I really like by the way) appears to have adversely impacted Synchronise

  1. Create a Test Run
  2. Amend an Action Word that is contained in Test Run from within a Test Scenario as opposed to Action Words
  3. Check Action Words (It is showing as revised one)
  4. Check Test Run - Action Word remains in original state (As expected)
  5. Synchronise Test run
  6. Check Test Run - Action Word remains in original state (Action Word should update but hasn’t)
  7. Create a New Test Run that contains the Test with amended Action Word
  8. Check Test Run - Action Word no longer remains in original state & is the updated one (As expected)

So in summary, Synchronise is not reflecting a change whereas a new test run is?



I cannot reproduce the issue you described. I tried many scenarios and every time the tests in test run was updated according updates made in the action word.

Could you please contact us at the support for further investigation? Using the in-app chat, or at



Unsure what I was doing last week so apologies - Can confirm updates are reflected in a Test Run upon a Synchronise. Can only think I was maybe looking at Test Run too soon as there is a 2 stage process of 1. saying going to synchronise & then 2. confirmation it has synchronised. Happy for you to close this Thankyou Aurelien


You are welcome :slight_smile: