Action word parameter types


I’m getting this warning:
In Actionword “I see that charm”: expected Integer or Float, got Boolean
but I can’t find out how it knows that these params are anything other than strings (that do happen to contain either “true” or “false”).
I am using a scenario datatable, but I can’t see how you’d define those items.
Can someone either tell me why it is making this objection, or point me to wee it is written about?



Can you contact the support team by email at: please?

We have to access to your project to figure out what’s going wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


I have uploaded a bit of screen-grab so that you can see what I’m talking about

I have clicked on the ‘grant access’ link, so I hope that this gets you the access that you need.

I’m afraid that I can no longer remember the sequence of events that led to this, but I remember that I had (accidentally) exported the cucumber / Ruby code, and then exported the Java / Cucumber stuff. I may have subsequently messed with the Action words (maybe deleting some, and editing some), I’m afraid that I can not remember.

Please let me know if I can do any more.


Aside from this, Houda, are you able to point me to where I can read about the logic behind the structure of the code that is exported for the Java / Cucumber? I can not fully grasp the benefit of the ‘action words’ files (although I have a vague idea that it may have something to do with the “don’t repeat yourself” principle).


is the URL


Sorry Mark, I didn’t see your post…

I answered you a few hours ago by email, did you have the opportunity to see it?