Action Words 101 Question


We are gradually adopting BDD within our organisation and currently using HipTest to write our scenarios and tests. However, as a team we can’t quite get our head around action words and would appreciate a pointer.

After writing a few tests, using parameters pulling from a datatable, we exported NUnit tests and reviewed the ActionWord.cs file.

Is the expectation that the functions within that file are what the development team should now use? Or do we use the functions to hook into our code base?

Like I said, a bit 101 but we just can’t fathom it. Bit embarrassing.



Yes the idea is that you will implement the different functions/skeletons generated by Hiptest-publisher to automate your tests. This way, each action word is a single point of automation for multiple scenarios.

You can have a look at a recording of one of our webinar dedicated to automation to see how this all works:

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