Action Words - How do I amalgamate duplicates?


I have two Action Words that are each used in a number of tests but have been created separately due to a capital and a small L
I now want to amalgamate these into the first Action Word (ie one with lower case l) but am struggling to find a way - If I change the one with a Capital L to lower case l I am blocked when try and save as says Action Word of that Title already exists? Please help THANKS

And Mobile Assessment Worker has logged onto Mobile Assessments

And Mobile Assessment Worker has Logged onto Mobile Assessments


Hello Graeme,

This feature is not yet directly available. You can vote for it here:

Meanwhile, here is a workaround to merge two action words. First, in the action work that you want remove, call the action word that you want keep in the definition. Next, click on the ‘Inline’ button.

To finish, in the modal, click on the “Inline” button and next click on “Delete action word”.
That’s it!


This solution is perfectly acceptable and worked well for me thankyou