Add référence for scenario



Can we have the possibility to set a Scenario référence ?
This can be usefull to link them to a Requirement and manage coverage (with external tool or API).



Does the scenario id can’t fit with your needs ?
Scenario id is unique and can be used as a reference with external tools


I would imagine that budges are designed for this purpose
Did you try them?


No, I just want to set a spécific référence according our naming rules to identify a scénario.

  • For internal communication,
  • To find a specific scenario in list (if search can be set on this référence).

Actually, I must add this item in the scenario tilte like this :

  • [FO-01-001] My first scénario.

In some other test manager softweare, this référence is générated by a project prefix and an auto-increment id.
For exemple : [PRJ-0001] Another scenario

Thanks a lot.


Try tags -
It’s designed exactly for it


Thanks for your response.

I use tags to manage status, functionnal module, but for référence it’s not user-friendly.

Finally I add my reference in test title like this: [PRJ-123456] My test case.