Adding custom attributes to test runs


Feature request template

  • Name of the feature: Custom Attribute addition to Test Runs

  • Criticity: High

  • Issues solved:

  1. Automated generation of report content
  2. Better analysis of runs w.r.t to attributes added directly from hiptest
  • Description: As of now we are executing tests on Jenkins and updating results on Hiptest with environment details. But we would also like to tag each run with details of following:
  1. Application Version
  2. Jenkins Link
  3. Browser Used
    So rather than having specific attributes, can we have custom attributes addition to test runs. As most of the organizations will have other requirements.

This would then be helpful for me to generate automated reports with above details and mail to stakeholders. Currently I am fetching each of them manually and preparing reports.



Our team has developed the possibility to add different execution environments to a test run! And the HipTest team is still working on it currently :slight_smile:

Right now, you can create/update or delete some execution environments in a test run from the UI, or by using the API.

In my opinion, this feature can partially meet your need by adding the additional information about the “Application version” and the “Browser Used” as the name of the execution environment.

For the “Jenkins link”, I can’t provide you a solution at this time. Our Po will certainly take a look of your feature request and he’ll answer it ASAP.