API for getting the parameters


Is there an API to get the existing parameters? The existing APi doesn’t seem to work. I tried using the datatable API as well, and that one too doesn’t provide the paramaters. Any suggestions? thx


Hi @wyndell,

My answer is late but as we told you during our exchange on the HipTest in-chat, here is the endpoint to get the parameters of a datatable of a scenario:

GET    https://app.hiptest.com/api/projects/<project_id>/scenarios/<scenario_id>/parameters

And here is the request to retrieve the values of these parameters:

GET https://app.hiptest.com/api/projects/<project_id>/scenarios/<scenario_id>/datasets

And finally, here is the endpoint to get all of this datatable:

GET https://app.hiptest.com/api/projects/<project_id>/scenarios/<scenario_id>/datatable

Hope this helps you.