Attach an image file (or note) to a specific test step


I need to attach a screen shot of the expected result of a test step as ‘objective evidence’ that the result is passed or as an example of why it has failed. It would be ideal grab screen shot to the clipboard, and then ‘ctrl-c’ that into the result - instead of saving a file to disk, then attaching it manually. The exported test report would then need to include the images (at a smaller size) in a Word or PDF file.

At a minimum, I would need to be able to add a note to the test step result so I can reference one of the images that are attached to the overall execution… and then add the note data to each row of the exported result.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for this suggestion, we’ve already added this features requests in our backlog.

First, you can find the Trello card which proposes to adding attachment with copy/paste here, please upvote for it to increase its priority.

Second, about the export of test results with attachment in spreadsheet format, you find the related Trello card here. Don’t forgot to upvote for it :slight_smile:

An other Trello card suggests you the export of test runs in PDF format, please find it here.

Regarding the adding of comment in a test step result, you have an other Trello card here which evokes this option.

Thanks in advance for your votes and again for your feedback :+1:



Thank you your response and for pointing me to those existing cards.

I guess the only feature request not covered by an existing card is to be able to attach an image directly to a test step. This, combined with step notes and copy/paste feature of an image would make recording test results very efficient.




You’re welcome, we are happy to bring you the answers to your queries.

Indeed, this feature isn’t yet programmed in our backlog but it’s only a matter of time :slight_smile:

Thank you Eric for this good idea :+1:, we’ll suggest it ASAP to our PO!