Can't reset password / projects missing


I’m trying to log in into the app with my credentials and the app is refusing it like the password or mail are wrong. I can log in with the Gmail easy login, but can’t find my projects!. If I try to reset the email, the email never arrives. I tried to contact the support without success. Has anyone been in this same situation? How do you solve it?



Hi @mariano.rodriguez,

We have just answered your email.

Thanks for your patience.



Mails are not arriving. Can you contact me by direct message or something? I really need to retrieve the projects.


Hi Mariano,

I sent you the link to reset your password, you didn’t receive anything?

Can you send an email to please?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi agaín
I’ve sent an email to but I have not received an answer yet.
Please, let me know if we should try another way to reset the password.



Hi @mariano.rodriguez,

After checking our database, I see that you have successfully logged into your account today :slight_smile:

Do you confirm that?