Change tests order in Test Runs


Hi Hiptest team,

I’m looking for option to change order of test which are currently added to Test Runs. is it possible?



Hello Bartłomiej,

To change the tests order in a test run, you have to change the order in your folder page using the drap and drop function, then synchronize your test run and click on the folder that contain the tests, you’ll see your tests in the new order.

I hope that it helps!


It helps.
Thanks for quick reply.


If the test run contains scenarios from different folders, this workaround can’t be done, as you can only order tests inside a folder.
Besides, I need to change the folder scenarios order each time I want to create a test plan. Logical thing would be to reorder the scenarios in the Test Run.
May I propose to add the feature of reordering scenarios in the Test Run?



This feature request has already been communicated to us before by some users, which is why our team has added it in our backlog and created a card in our Trello board.

You can find this card here, please vote for it to increase its priority in our choices of development.

Thanks for your feedback @brenda.stolarz :+1:



Thanks for the heads up!