CodeceptJS Integration with HipTest


Hi there, I would like to know if it is possible to integrate automated tests defined in HipTest to be used with the CodeceptJS framework. CodeceptJS acts as a wrapper on top of other popular JS frameworks.

If it is compatible, are there any special steps required in order to make the automation code generated by HipTest usable within the CodeceptJS framework.




Actually, we don’t provide yet an integration with CodeceptJS. I’ve added your request to the langages/framworks list and it’ll be reviewed by the team.

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Ok great, thanks. In the meantime is there a work-a-around for using the auto-generated code blocks from test cases in HipTest that would allow CodeceptJS to use these indirectly through one of the supported JavScript test libraries.

Thanks again


After checking the CodeceptJS documentation, i don’t see any easy work-around. I won’t forget to note that Hiptest publisher is an open-source product, so feel free to participate :slight_smile:

Here is some helpful docs:
Hiptest publisher:
Handlebars guide:

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