Create test runs based on a query in JIRA


When creating a test run, is it possible to add tests that relate to a JIRA ticket in a certain release?
Thank you



When creating a test run, you can add tests filtered by tags using the “Select a subset of tests” creation mode.
You can here select one or multiple “JIRA: xxx” tags where xxx stands for the Jira issue id.


mmmh ok, so it means I have to flag all hiptest tests first
I cannot filter on a JIRA field based on the JIRA issue the tests are linked to
Is there a way for me to request this feature?


Hello @pierre-francois.gono,
You can request any feature by opening a ticket in our issue tracker on Github (
This way we can also get some feedback from other Hiptest users as well.
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Thank you I have opened a new feature request
We can close this topic