Dataset generation with single quote



I make a dataset for a scénario with a parameter that require un single-quoted string like this : ‘Mon jeu de donnée’

When I export this scenario, the quotes are deleted and my string is not correctly treated :

| data | hiptest-uid |
| Mon jeu de donnée |  |

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Best regards,
Eric Leconte.


Hello Eric,
We managed to reproduce your issue and currently working on a fix.
I will let you know when deployed.
Many thanks for the great feedback.
Kind regards,


Thanks a lot, I wait your fix :slight_smile:


Hello Eric,

Happy to announce that the bug has been fixed. Please refresh the browser to get the update!

Thank you for your feedback!

Best regards,


Thanks a lot !

It’s working fine.

Best regards,
Eric Leconte.


Great! You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Enjoy using Hiptest :slight_smile: