Failed, but not important


Dear HipTest Community

I’ve been testing HiptTest for a few weeks. Until now, I am satisfied with the functions and the software in general.

There’s one question, I wasn’t able to find out if or how it should be done, maybe anybode can help?

When I do a testrun and one “point” is a failure, but not an important one. Is there a possibility to extend the status, e. g

  • “failed insignificantly”
  • “failed minor”
  • “failed major”
  • etc…


Or maybe there’s a workaround to to this?

Thank you very much for your help in advance…

Best regards



So, we advise you to add tags that specifies these custom status as key:value like this => failed:insignificantly, failed:minor… from the overview page of each test, as shown here.

That said, our team has planned a feature request in our backlog to allow the editing and customization of the test results label. Here is the related Trello card, please upvote for it to increase its priority in our production.

Does this meet your need?