Feature Request-inherited scenario naming


Request that a preference be added when enabled would name scenarios by inheriting/appending their parent folder’s name (or first maybe 8 characters of it…)

ex) Webview>Log in
If done, this scenario would be named “Webview_Log in” rather than just “Log in” which can apply to a web or native view for example.

Parents with longer names like “Webviewers” can perhaps be handled as “Webviewe…_Log in”

This way scenarios have unique names and when in scenario view vs Folders view, one can have an idea what module the scenario belongs.



Thank you for your feature request.

Actually it looks like you submit it to get over some issue you may have with Hiptest GUI.

If so what exactly are those issues?

First you seem to need the ability to have the same name for scenarios in different folders. Actually we have planned to allow that, you can find the feature in our backlog and up-vote for it if you want: https://trello.com/c/WpxSfeYp

Also you told about scenario vs folders view: what do you mean exactly?

And do you have other use-cases that may require - for you - that feature request? What about automation?


Hello and thanks for follow up,

Attempted to attach two screenshots, one in Folder view and the other in Scenario view.

See the naming convention followed, the request is that something like this be done automatically. The other feature regarding to allow duplicate named scenarios in separate folders would be nice but if that were done, Scenario view would look like

Log in

Log in

Log in


Rather than

NewUser_Log in

ExistingUser_Log in

Forgot_Password_Log in


Hope this makes sense.



Seems there’s an issue uploading screenshots so may need an email for reply to show.


I like it.

In run test view, scenarios are displayed by names and we don’t know witch scenario rise error.

It’s better than use tags or duplicate folder names in scenario title.