Filter scenario by assignees


Assignees Filtering in test runs

  • Criticity: High

  • Issues solved: In our project, we use datatable to variabilise scenarios.
    After the assignement of tester on scenarios in test runs done, the tester will need to filter in “search test” with his account name to see scenarios asigned to him. Unfortunately, the tester see all the tests variabilised in scenarios and not only thoose he is affected on.

    As you can see on this screenschot, the tester nicolas doesn’t have all the tests listed but only few of them. He has to clic on each of them and scroll down on test to see if he is really assigned to. It is a real loose of time.

  • Description: To let testers filter only on test he is really assigned to, maybe the evolve will concerned the precision of the research. In our example, when you’re looking for tests assigned to “nicolas”, the filter will not be made on scenarios but on tests directly. In the list, he will see tests assigned to him only.



Thank you for your suggestion.

It would indeed make sense. I added a card in our public backlog at this link:

It should definitely worth a real dedicated view to manage assignees/assignement, so that’s why I stayed voluntarily high level for the label of the card