Hiptest constantly logs me out



Hiptest (cloud verison) constantly logs me out, whenever I use right-mouse-click/ open-link-in-new-tab, I have to login again in the new tab.
Also, the integration to Jira (cloud version) is not working, for every issue I open in Jira, I have to login again in Hiptest.

Any ideas?



Seems to be an issue with the integration with Jira, opened an issue for that: https://github.com/hiptest/hiptest-issue-tracker/issues/97



I have posted answers on the github issues.
But, just to be sure: are you using in-private navigation?


Replied to your answer on github.

What do you mean by “in-private navigation”?


In case you mean “incognito modus”, no, I´m not using it.