Hiptest | Integration with Serenity - BDD


Hi there,

I am exploring some option for Test management tool that integrate well with:

  1. Project Management (Jira)
  2. Repo Management (Bitbucket)
  3. Automation Framework (Serenity - BDD)

As part this, I land on this tool Hiptest.
I am trying to create a POC to test the integration, as of now I am able to successfully connect to Jira, and looking for help in integration with Bitbucket and Serenity - BDD.
Can anyone provide some guidance on this?


Hi @pavitra.jain,

About the integration of Bitbucket: you can fetch all your features files containing in your repository and create through these files a Living documentation into your HipTest project. When a feature file is updating from your Bitbucket repository, the living documentation updates itself.

Can you give us more details about the integration with Serenity - BDD?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Houda,

Thanks for responding to query.

Can you please share any demo/detailed steps to integrate repository (Bit Bucket) to Hiptest?

For Serenity-BDD, this is an open source test automation framework based on Cucumber, Selenium, Junit. We are using this framework for our test automation. Here is the link on introduction to this framework: http://thucydides.info/docs/articles/an-introduction-to-serenity-bdd-with-cucumber.html

Can you let me know, if it is possible to integrate this to Hiptest?

Thanks and Regards
Pavitra Jain


Hi Pavitra,

the integration we currently propose is the living documentation, this integration allows you to retrieve the features files of one of your Bitbucket repositories and integrate them into your HipTest project as a living documentation. Here is a short recording that shows you how to generate a living doc from your Hiptest project.

Also, when you make changes in your Bitbucket repository, the living documentation created by it is automatically updated.

Here is an article that our team wrote on the benefits of living documentation in BDD.

About the integration with Serenity-BDD, I’ll check with our experts and get back to you ASAP!



Hello @pavitra.jain,

Regarding the support of Serenity-BDD: so yes HipTest supports it, given that you can generate features file through this one :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to ask us more details, we’ll happy to guide you.