Hiptest Publisher results are not updating the statuses for test steps


Hi Hiptest team,

I am running the below command.

Step 1 : In my local machine

hiptest-publisher --config-file= --push= --test-run-id= --push-format=cucumber-json

Step 2 : Getting the below messages in command prompt

[v] Posting to https://app.hiptest.com
[v] 0 tests imported
Possible causes for the lack of imported tests:

  • Did you run the following command before executing your tests ?
    hiptest-publisher --config= --test-run-id= --without= actionwords

  • Did you specify the correct push format ?
    Use push_format= in your config file or option --push-format= in the command line
    Available formats are: cucumber-json, junit, nunit, robot, tap

Step 3: In Hiptest I get messages that the statuses will be updated. (Attaching the images)

Problem statement : The statuses are not updated with Passed.


Hello @rakeshkumar.silveri,
Can you please send us the cucumber-json report (support[at]hiptest.com).
Kind regards,


Hi Karam,

Thanks for writing back, I have just sent an email with the json file. Looking forward for the early solution on the same.