HipTest traceability matrix report


Hi …need your help .i dont see HipTest traceability matrix report in the JIRA report itself even hiptest plugin is installed and i m using this since last year. could you please help me in the same?



zeashan, hi, could you please show a screenshot of what you see instead of HipTest traceability matrix?


Hi i am expecting hiptest traceability report here . please check attached image. thanks

zeashan tayyab


Hello Zeashan,
Thanks for the screenshot.
Also can you tell if you are using an on-prem version of Jira or a cloud instance ?
If you are using the on-prem version could you please provide the exact version number ?


Hi Karam,

we are not using cloud instance and our JIRA version is (v7.1.4#71008-sha1:eaa0661) .

Zeashan Tayyab


Hi Zeashan,
After reading again the conversation, I have spotted this “i m using this since last year”, and it makes me think that the reason why you don’t see the Hiptest traceability matrix is that you are running an older release of our plugin that does not support the traceability matrix feature.
Can you please make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin (v1.2.1) released on 05/2017 ?
If you are running a prior version all you need is to upgrade the plugin from the Jira dashboard and it should work.


Got it Sir. :slight_smile: thanks alot .

zeashan tayyab


You are always welcome :smile: