Hiptest unable to connect to Jenkins


Hi Team,

I have set up a jenkins on my localhost and now I’m trying to connect to that server using hiptest. However, hiptest is unable to connect to the server. I have added the necessary credentials in hiptest settings.
I get the following error:-
Unable to contact Jenkins server, please check URL

Request you to kindly guide me here.

Anuja Kadloor Rao


Hi Anuja,

You need to have your Jenkins instance accessible by the Hiptest servers to enable the full integration. You should open the port used by Jenkisn in your firewall to ensure Hiptest can access it.
If you want to securise this, you can also limit the access to this IP: (if you are using the cloud version of Hiptest, otherwise check with the persons who have set up on premises in your company)

Best regards,


Thanks for the quick reply!
I’ll make these changes and let you know if its working




I know I’m really really late in replying back (was stuck up in some other issues) but can you let me know the port number on which I can access the ip



It’s the port 80.