How to import test cases to a subfolder in an existing project


We are importing test cases to a Hiptest project via an excel spreadsheet. The list of the test cases is continuously updated with new ones. Is there a way to import each time only the newly added test cases and to keep our folder structure (that is to import the cases to an existing subfolder in the existing project)?



You can import your test cases into an existing subfolder by naming the worksheet of your spreadsheet you are going to import, with the same that the subfolder in question. After importing your speadsheet, your test cases will be scenarios in this subfolder.

If this meets your need, before importing your spreadsheet you must to select the two options like this:

If not, may I ask you what is your HipTest plan? (With the Pro pack, you can create/update/download your feature files)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi there,
Unable to import my test cases to the existing folder. My import creates a separate folder instead. All I am able to do is drag and drop this as a sub folder for a Existing folder. Please advise how test cases can be added to the existing folder ?



Hi @karthik.kumar,

So you can move your subfolder by the drag and drop as shown here.

Sometimes as you noticed in this recording that the drag&drop can be a little tricky to use.

Does this meet your need?


Hey Houda,

Thanks for the video on creation of sub folders :slight_smile: What if I have to add few more test cases to existing the folder - Purse (21) without having any sub folders inside it ? Thanks in advance!




You can select your scenarios then click on “Actions” option and choose “Move”: