How to integrate Hiptest and TeamCity


Does someone have experience in launching tests from TeamCity build and pushing test results back to Hiptest? How to configure build steps to run Hiptest publisher program in this case (assuming that I have installed Ruby and Hiptest publisher in build agent)? Please, help


Hi @marie.klimenko,

About the installation of hiptest-test publisher, you can just follow these steps (without install it locally in your machine):

  1. Navigate to this link:
  2. Copy this wrapper script (bin/hiptest-publisher-docker) to a location available in your PATH like ~/bin or /usr/local/bin
  3. rename this script as hiptest-publisher
  4. make this file executable with chmod +x hiptest-publisher

I can explain here step by step the following the actions to be carried out but it would be better to exchange by email :slightly_smiling_face:

So, please send us an email to to let us know if the installation of hiptest-publisher was successful and to guide you in pushing your test results.