How to know which tests are assigned to a user?


In hiptest we can assign tests to users.
However I could not find where a user can see which tests are assigned to him…
Can you explain me how this is supposed to work?
Thank you



You can search for the name of the user inside the test run and the tests that were assigned to hi will be displayed in the search results.

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Sorry I don’t find it
Here is what I do:

  1. I click on Test runs on the left side menu
  2. I select my test run

On this screen there is no place to search for anything (unless I don’t see it)
There is a section named “View tests” and another one named “Revision history”



Just below the test run menu and above the hierarchy you have a search form:

You can search your team mate name here to find the tests he has been assigned to.


Thank you I did not know I could search like this.
However, I cannot know which tests are not assigned to anyone?

Basically our QA manager needs to be able to allocate the tests for each test runs to testers. He needs to make sure each test has a tester assigned. Is that doable somehow?

Thank you