How to move a Hiptest project in another account


Hello Hiptest team,

I have a new Hiptest account in my company organization.
I have to move an existing project from my personal account to this new organization.
How is the best way to do this?



Hello Michele,

It is pretty easy. Just go to your project in “Project settings” tab and add your company email in “Add collaborator” section:

Then change the user role to Admin:


Now you can sign out and sign in on your company account, go to the project in “Project settings” tab. Next go to “Collaborators” tab and remove your personal account from the collaborators list by clicking on “Unassign” button.

Finally, go the the “Settings” tab, and change the project ownership by selecting your company organization:

Confirm the modification:

It’s done!
I hope this help you.




Hello severine.

Before trying to do this, can you tell me if moving the project between accounts also moves the test runs, active and archived?



Hello, yes, that also moves the test runs active and archived.