How to name additional actionwords using Step DataTable parameters



I’m having problems trying to get action words to access the step Table values in a different action word.

I have created a Hiptest scenario as follows:
(all of these steps are action words)

  1. Given the following links are available in the navigation:

    | linktext | pageName |
    | Blue | Blue Page |
    | Green | Green Page |
    | Red | Red Page |

  2. When I click ${linkText}

  3. Then I am on ${pageName}

The action words in Steps 2-3 need to pull their variable values from the step table within the Step 1 action word.

I understand the ${} variable format needs to be changed. But after going over the documentation many times I still am unable to figure out what the new format is exactly. I’ve tried quotes, equals-sign, and adding some variations of that within the parameter tables in each individual action word but in the scenario, I always end up with either an error message, or the Test View shows as empty.

How do I set up those other actionwords to work with the step datatable?

or any other suggestions?

Thank you.


Hi David,

Can you grant access to Hiptest support so we can access your project and check some details before answering you please?

This option is available from the help menu at the bottom left of the screen:


I do not see the Grant Access option in the menu. The last item in the list is Troubleshooting.

I am an admin in Hiptest but it was my manager that set up our Hiptest account. Maybe I do not have that permission?

Update: I checked with my manager and they do not have that button either.


Only the administrator of the project can see this option, may you ask the project admin to grant us access please?


Hi @david.cwik,

Can you give your agreement to access to your project please?


Access is available now.

Sorry for the delay. The person with the permission was out of the office.


Hi again David,

Can you send an email to to continue this conversation please?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


ok email sent. thank you.



I replied to your email but I add a small answer here to benefit other users :slight_smile:

To answer your question: the Datatable you assign to an actionword (step) called “Table parameter” and avaimable from the step’s option (3 dots icon) is not a datatable from which you can extract data in your scenario from HipTest.
This will only be used when implementing the behavior of your actionwords after exporting your project to automate your tests.

That’s why we talk about automation at the bottom of this page.

I understand that this may seem a little confusing at first, that said, feedback from our users like yours helps us to improve our documentation.

Thank you very much :ok_hand:

Kind regards,