How to set Suite Setup for Robot


I’ve created a scenario with using Setup feature at the folder level. This scenario will be run more than one round by using Datatable but I don’t want to call Setup for each round.

Setup - Open Application
Test Scenario - Verify Login

  1. User1
  2. User2

HipTest convert Setup to Test Setup in Robot.

I think it should be Suite Setup instead for preventing this function call more than one time.

If you have any suggestion, please help to advice.



So the only way that I found is to add the right code implementation to not call the setup (background) the needed test case. You can do it by setting a different tag in each test in your test run then you can set up an if condition to escape the background in the test in question.

Or rewrite your scenarios, I mean set each scenario/test case in two separated folders. What do you think?