How to submit a new feature request?


Suggest new features or existing feature enhancements in this category

Fill the feature request template below to submit your request.

In order to make us clearly understand your needs, please take 1-2 minutes to read the following guidelines.


  • Check if a similar feature request has already been suggested If so, do not hesitate to describe your own use case in the topic

  • Be specific Outline precisely the scope of your request and the issues that lead to it

  • Use images A picture is often worth around 1,000 words :wink:

  • You have an audience Other HipTest users will read your request, comment it and vote for it, so make it clear for them too!

Feature request template

  • Name of the feature: how would you name this new feature

  • Criticity: how much this feature is missing for your daily use of HipTest (use Low, Medium or High to qualify the criticity)

  • Issues solved: describe with as much details as possible the issue(s) that this feature will address

  • Description: describe the feature requested, with the expected value or impacts on the product