How to visualize a carriage return character in datatable



  • We need to define dictionnaries in datatable like this :
    |parameter1 column|parameter2 column|
    |key1 = value |key1=value |
    |key2 = value |key2=value |
    |keyN = value |keyN=value |

Key 1 to KeyN are in the same cell

  • To maintenance and visibility reasons, we need to visualize a space character but actually it seems to be not possible:
    |parameter1 column |parameter2 column |
    |key1 = value key2 = value keyN = value |key1 = value key2 = value keyN = value |

Do you have a solution to visualize carriage return character in database ?



You can’t use a return character in datatable on Hiptest.
We use this character to determine rows on the raw editor mode, that’s why it is not possible at this point.
However, Gherkin syntax supports “\n” so we should be supporting it and it is not the case right now.


Thank you Benjamin,
Maybe you have an other solution to our problem:
We need to insert dictionnaries in our tests.
The goal is to not change interface or scnenario when we add a new pair key = value:
For example:

|Cars details |
|color= green |
|motor = gasoline|

Verify that the car description is ${Cars details}

In this case if i want to add the company car control, i just want to update datas in the scenario:

|Cars details|
| color= green|
|motor = gasoline |
|company = BMW |

Is there an other way to resolve this ?


Actually you can use the datatable like this.

I made an example and it works:

The only mistake you made was to put a " " character on your dataset key.