Inside a test run scenario already executed - clicked New Execution - want to remove it


While reviewing a Test run, I was looking at the feedback and status for a scenario/test (Under the section header “Execution”). I then accidentally clicked on the button “New Execution” at the top of the Execution-section. It creates a new execution for defined test/scenario in the test run. However, it also removed the reporting from the first execution, which I would like to have. I can click on every scenario individually and find it, but I would like to see the overall report for the initial execution, and be able to easily click on the tests that didn’t pass. Is there a way to remove the new (and unwanted) execution, or in another way get the interface to only report on the first execution of the test run? (I am aware that I can download a report, but the report I get only contains the last execution of the test run, not the previous ones).

In addition I also clicked on Resume Test in a Test Run, which created a new execution for every test/scenario in the Test Run, with the same consequence as mentioned above.



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