Integrate Nunit2 Test Results to HipTest



When I try to push the results back to hiptest from the command line using the TestResult.xml from nunit 2 format (not showing any errors), the test results are not displayed in hiptest, do you know why I can not see the result?




To be able to update test results when it receives a result file, Hiptest must find an uid for each test in the result file. Each uid identifies a test in Hiptest. Most often the test uid is added to the test name so it is present in the result file. To get this uid in the test name, the tests have to be generated from a Hiptest test run.

When you generated the tests from Hiptest, did you specify a test run id? Do you have uids in your nunit result file?


Hi Christophe,

Yes, that was the one thing missing to be able to push the results back to hiptest.



Great! Happy testing!


Hi Christophe,

 The QA in my team wants to know  if he can get rid of the actionwords file in Visual Studio Project?, and add all code functions directly in the stepdefinitions file,  not use the actionwords anymore. 




This is possible. When calling hiptest-publisher you can add the option --without=actionwords to prevent it from generating the actionwords file. Or if you are only interested in having feature files, you can use --only=features.

Does it answer your question?


Yes it does, Thanks for answering!


Hi Christophe,

I am creating a POC using this tool and I am about to show it to the manager, but before that, I’d like to solve this question :
Is there a way to show on either Test Run or Dashboard which environtment the automated script was run on?
Does hiptest publisher allow to pass the environment as parameter?




Currently we do not have a native way to show the environment on which the automated script was run on. Generally people solve it by creating multiple test runs, one for each environment.

We are aiming at unifying this to have only one test run, with multiple environments: . The goal is to push the environment along with the results with hiptest-publisher.



I see, but it is a good workaround to create the test run with the env name upfront,
Thanks for te advice.


Great! You’re welcome!