Integrate with Confluence


Is there any way that we could retrieve the test results into a Confluence page (e.g using the html widget of confluence and make an iframe request)? Note that the results of the test runs is what I am trying to include in a confluence page, like what is shown in the image below:

Or is there a specific API call that could fetch only these data (the test results)?



So at this time, you can use the “Badges” feature to display the status of each test in Confluence as shown here. Sadly, if you have multiple execution environments this feature doesn’t currently work :pensive:

But if you would like to display the metrics section of your test run, I advise you to submit a feature request by creating a new topic in the “feature request” category.

Here are the guidelines to help you to write your feature request.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration :slight_smile: