Integration with existing data dictionary before BDD start


We are very interesting to use HipTest. In our develpment cycle we are using Signavio to envision business and system architecture (Archimate+BPMN2) before conception & realization. It mean that business common language is already captured and decided in a data dictionary (business object) to elementary content). Signavio provide an api. We collect business rules in JIRA in a requirement project.
How is it possible to reuse these definitions in HipTest to stay consistent ?


Hi Michel!

You can us the API to create action words in your HipTest project that will correspond to your business common language (data dictionary), via this API endpoint.

If this solution doesn’t meet your needs, I advise you to submit a feature request by creating a new topic in the “feature request” category.

Here are the guidelines to help you to write your feature request.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Business object and their composition are not really sequence of steps like Action words is. They are part of the semantic of BDD steps. Without a dictionnary It seem difficult to ensure business language consistency. May be Action words can be used as well. I don’t know. It mean that I could include Action words without anything else a definition into (without step into) in a parent steps in a scenario. Do you confirm that ?


Okay, thank you for this precision.

Can you send us an excerpt from your data dictionary to get a better idea of your use case please? Our PO would like to have a sample data dictionary to know your needs. If you agree, you can send it to

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Hey Michel,
In addition to Houda s answer, we have a Partner who has developed an integration between Signavio and Hiptest (test generation engine from BPMN). If you are interested I can make the intro


Hello Laurent, this may help on a big project i’m currently coaching. Seem very interesting, will allow us better effeciency and control by automatically link the tools together. Actually we manage everything manually. I will be very interested to get in touch with this partner.