[Issue] Missing pushed results with hiptest-publisher


You may have been faced with an issue when pushing back results with hiptest-publisher since about a month (when version 1.10.3 of hiptest-publisher was released).
This problem generally occurs with tests generated from a dataset (the other tests are imported normally).

There are two cases when this problem occurs:
You are using robot framework with option --with-folders
To fix this, upgrade to the version 1.10.5 of hiptest-publisher (using the command line “gem install hiptest-publisher” to get the latest version)

You are using overriden-templates
Check if you override the “dataset.hbs” file. There, if you use “rendered_children.uid”, replace it by “rendered_children.test_snapshot_uid” and it should work again.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
The hiptest-publisher team :wink: