JIRA Kanban/Scrumboard - error message dialog box


Since yesterday we have a dialog box popoup on Jira kanban/scrumboard.

The message only appears when a user clicks on a card to display card details.

On kaban :

The app managed is version 1.3.0, the configuration URL is "https://app . hiptest . com (write " . " instead of “.”, because system allow just on link in the issue)

The application is still ‘hiptest’, not cucumber app in Jira manage app.

The server is Jira server V8.5.0.

In web console we have :

“An exception has occurred in 2ae7f81d0d5ffe7b364cd1953c54b48-CDN/-ulkjw3/805000/e4f6174f37f48fec96b66707e4d2b6f6/b01df4d34cf2ae53385baecb3ca0bcda/_/download/contextbatch/js/gh-rapid-work,gh-rapid-detailsview,jira.project.sidebar,jira.global,atl.general,com.atlassian.jira.projects.sidebar.init,greenhopper-rapid-non-gadget,-_super/batch.js?agile_global_admin_condition=true&baseurl-check-resources=true&flexboards=true&healthcheck-resources=true&jag=true&jaguser=true&locale=en-UK&richediton=true at 11838:816 — Uncaught Error: Unexpected message received from: studio.cucumber.io for iFrameResizer0. Message was: [iFrameSizer]iFrameResizer0:150:355:init. This error can be disabled by adding the checkOrigin: false option.”


We’re on it :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Fabrice,

A new version of the Jira add-on has been released today: 1.4.0. Could you check if it fixes your problem, please?



We updated the new plugin version.

Everything seems workgin well now, thank you.