Join the New CucumberStudio Community

Hi Guys,

We are happy to invite you to the new community to start even more great conversations about CucumberStudio!

In order to increase the SmartBear customers’ satisfaction, we are moving the CucumberStudio community to a new place. Now, it will be part of the holistic SmartBear Community that already has ~90K members and contains tons of great conversations.

Next Steps

  1. Open the new CucumerStudio Community site and bookmark it in your browser.
  2. Click Register and fill in the required fields to create a new SmartBear Community account (if you don’t have it) – it takes less than 2 minutes.
  3. Review the Getting Started with CucumberStudio guide.
  4. Click Start a Topic and create a post to introduce yourself to the community.
  5. Keep posting questions, sharing your knowledge (you can earn the elite Community Leader status now!) and talking with peers.
  6. Enjoy the community :blush:

What will happen with the current forum
We have moved all up-to-date and important topics to the new community. All feature requests you submitted are already registered in our internal DB.
We are moving this forum to the read-only mode for several months. After that, we will shut down the server that hosts this forum.

Thanks for using CucumberStudio. I’m so thrilled to see how awesome the new CucumberStudio Community will be!

I’m waiting for you in the CucumberStudio Community :blush: