Living Documentation with BitBucket not showing all projects


I’m not seeing some of my projects when I try to connect from Living Documentation to my project in BitBucket. I’m not sure if this is an account issue or something else. Can someone tell me where the list of projects comes from in the Living Documentation setup screen? I don’t know why it would show most of my projects but not all of them.


Hi John,

The projects are loaded from the provider (Bitbucket here). We load them paginated by 25.
Have you more than 25 projects? Have missing projects some particularity?


Thanks. I do not have more than 25 projects.

I think that the difference here is that the owner of the projects I can’t see is an outside client, not me or my organization. I am a contributor to it and have access to check in code, etc., but I am not the owner. Any ideas on how I can get this to work?


Indeed only owned repositories are listed in “personal” repositories.
Workarounds could be to request member access to the teams of your client, or to fork their repositories.

On my side I report to the team the need to pay more attention to repositories that are listed depending authorizations we need.

Sorry for the inconvenience,