Make datatable sortable by column - or auto-sort datatable columns


When creating a datatable for lets say 10 conditions, each with 3 executions ( or 10 given, each has 3 whens), that gives me 30 tests.

Now if i want the tests sorted by condition, as in 1st condition, execution 1,2,3, then second condition, execution 1,2,3 i would sort the datatable by the first column.

This seems not possible now. I think a good implementation would be to give sort priority to columns by position, as in: tests get sorted first by first column, second by second etc

That way i could simply rearrange the columns with the arrows on top and the created tests would be sorted accordingly.

The sorting can help with the readability of the tests in the datatable, but more important: if the tests are to be done manually, i can sort them to be executable most easily.

In Short: make the datatable sort itself by columns from left to right.