Managing Tags and TestRuns


Things that I wish were easier to do:

  • I’d like to, from the scenario, easily see which test runs a scenario is assigned to.

  • I’d like to do complicated searches, e.g. to see all scenarios that are tagged with priority:0 but not tagged status: automated.

  • I’d like to be able to select all the results from searches and make bulk changes to them - like managing the tags or adding them to a test run.

  • I’d like to be able to remove a whole scenario from a test run without having to do it one dataset row at a time.


Hi @pault,

To answer your questions, here are the requested information:

  1. From the scenario view, you can easily see in which test runs it is used like this:

  1. Sophisticated searches are a feature request added to our backlog. You can find the related Trello card here.

  2. and 4. Ditto, this feature request is present in our backlog, here is the related Trello card.

Please upvote for the Trello cards that interest you to increase them priority in our production.

Does these explanations meet your expectations?



Thank you! Not sure how I missed the Test results section. That’s great for individual scenarios - but it also would be great to see (similar to how we show tags) on the list view.



I’ll propose this idea to our PO in our next product meeting, thanks for this good suggestion :+1:t4: