Multiple projects syncing to same framework


We have two websites one that is targeted to our US customers and another for the EU. The scenarios are similar, but the UI and workflows are different enough that I’ve decided to create them in two different HipTest projects. For instance, the definition for the action word “I register as a new user”, has a different definition for the US site vs. the EU site.

My question is whether we can sync the two projects to the same automation framework. I’d like to avoid building and maintaining two entirely different frameworks. It seems like there must be a way to sync them both to the same framworks such that there we end up with a,, and US_actionwords.yml - and the a separate set of EU counterparts - so that when we execute US scenarios, it will only call the methods in US_actionwords and same for the EU. Is that possible?



Have you tried to put your two hiptest-publisher configuration file in your project and in each of these, override default output directory and default package.

Just like this:

# us_java.config
package = ''
output_directory = './us'
# eu_java.config
package = ''
output_directory = './eu'

This way you will have a separated test structures in your project.
Is this may work for you?


I will try that. Thanks for the tip!