My step definition file isn't getting updated


I have a Cucumber/Java framework. When I initially generated the tests using the Saas version of hiptest-publisher, it auto-generated a step_definitions file and an action words file. The step_definitions file just creates actionword objects so I think I’m not supposed to touch it and put all my implementation in the actionwords.

When I want to update my tests I’m doing this:
hiptest-publisher -c hiptest-publisher.conf --only=features

Then I use this to get the stubbed out code to put in my actionwords file.
hiptest-publisher -c hiptest-publisher.conf --show-actionwords-diff

But it’s not updating my step_definitions file. I was under the impression that that would also get auto-updated. FWIW, this is what 's in my hiptest-publisher.conf

token = ***************************************************
not_recursive = false
split_scenarios = false
with_folders = true
keep_filenames = false
keep_foldernames = false
empty_folders = false
leafless_export = false
no_uids = false
with_dataset_names = false
language = cucumber
output_directory = './src/test/java/RLUSCucumberFramework/features'
framework = java
site =
step_definitions_output_directory = './src/test/java/RLUSCucumberFramework/steps'
actionwords_output_directory = './src/test/java/RLUSCucumberFramework/steps'
package = 'RLUSCucumberFramework.steps'