Not able to see CucumberStudio test results in JIRA unless logged into CucumberStudio

It seems since the switch from Hiptest to CucumberStudio that test results linked to Jira will no longer show on the Jira ticket unless you are logged into CucumberStudio. This defeats the purpose of the linking and would then require every person who wanted to see the results of the tests in Jira to have a CucumberStudio license. Is this now correct? Or is this a new bug?


In fact the linking between CucumberStudio test cases and our free plugin on Jira, has always worked by this way so the login to CucumberStudio is a requirement.

Can you tell me which Jira version are you working with: Cloud or Server?

Thanks in advance.

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I am using the Cloud version of Jira. The requirement that a user needs a CucumberStudio license in order to see the results of the linked tests is a serious flaw in the software. Other test management systems (like Zephyr) allow you to see the results (of course if you click on them you then are taken to the software and then must have a login to get more details), Are there “view only” logins/licenses for CucumberStudio?


Indeed the “Plus” edition of CucumberStudio comes with unlimited read-only users as you can see there: