Previous chat with Hiptest


Hi Team,

How i can see my previous chat with Hiptest as There is chat no more to write about a question which i have asked.



The chat (support) is available when you’re in trial or with a standard or plus pack of Hiptest.
That’s why you don’t see it anymore.



Hi aurlane,

Could you please tell me how to use wildcard in below example .

hiptest-publisher -c D:\SachinTerms\Eclipse\Hiptest1\hiptest-publisher2.config –

push=D:\SachinTerms\Eclipse\Demo\test-output\junitreports"results-*.xml" –verbose

Please correct the respective change in example that would be grateful as i m not able to use wildcard properly .

Thanks & Regards,
Akash Kanaujia


Hi, anybody please reply above query …



My guess is that you should replace:


It should work better :slight_smile: