Project Metrics: Creating new chart - Select tag dropdown missing tags


Hi everyone,

Super new to HipTest and I am having trouble generating metrics for my project. I have added several tags in each of my sub-folders in the project, however, I am not able to see any tags listed in the dropdown except for JIRA when attempting to create a chart.

I tried several key value tags:

  • Priority: High
  • Priority: Low

and when I go to Create new chart, it only lists JIRA.

I also tried logging out and logging back in, but it still only see the one tag - JIRA.

Any help would be deeply appreciated!


Hi Corbin,
Welcome to Hiptest!

You can generate two type of metric charts:

The first one - Based on tag key - is used to compare same tag key but with different values.
For exemple, tags:

  • Priority: High
  • Priority: Low

Is a good exemple. It will check all scenario that have a tag key “Priority” and measure how many have “Low”, “High”, etc…
The only requirement is to have at least two scenarios with same tag key but with different values.

The second one - Compare multiple tags - will compare selected tags by associated scenarios number.
For exemple:

Scenario name Tags
scenario 1 tag1, tag11
scenario 2 tag2, tag21
scenario 3 tag1, tag21

The chart should show metrics :

  • tag1 : 2 scenarios
  • tag2 : 1 scenario
  • tag11 : 1 scenario
  • tag21 : 2 scenarios

For this type, the requirements is to have at least two scenarios with different tags.

Tags on folder are not fetched in metrics, but if you have the possibility to add tags to a bunch of scenarios by

  1. Selecting them
  2. Go to the scenarios options
  3. Go to the tag manager

It will open a modal where you can add tag to every scenarios you have selected

Hope it helps :smile:
Best regards.


Thank you for clarifying Timothee!

I was able to add tags to multiple scenarios and sub-folders but I am still not able to create a chart. Can you please have a look at my screenshots?

Thank you!





I don’t see anything wrong in your project structure…

Can you please grant access to support, so I can search for resolving your issue?


Thank you - I don’t believe I have that option in my menu



Only organization administrator can grant us the access. Can you please ask him?


Yes, I will ask once they are available later today.


Have you just tried to remove this chart and create a new one with same parameters?


Yeah - I also tried comparing two tags as well.


Not sure if our plan has that level of support actually, just asked our admin to grant access and they don’t see the option either.



Hello, to grant access to Hiptest support, you should be on the project page


Yes - we are not seeing the option when on project page.


Hello, you have to be a project administrator and on the project dashboard project to see this option.
I will need more personal data to understand your issue. Could you send an email to support@hiptest. com?


Yes - will send email now. Thank you for investigating my issue.