Questions regarding flexibility of Hiptest automation mapping


I am new to Hiptest and trying to find out if it will work for my requirements. I’d like to use Selenium with Java and Page Object pattern.

Basically i’d like to know a few things about test structuring while using Hiptest:

  • Is it possible to use inheritance (have some BaseTest, BaseAction) and use all the Junit/TestNG annotations beforeTest/beforeClass/dependsOn/after… and similar with Hiptest?
  • Is it possible to have action words in multiple classes or use something like Page objects for better structuring of the code?



BTW, i’d like to use the classical test definition approach. I understand that it is possible to have additional layer for actionwords which uses page objects, but that seems just unnecessary work and would require hundreds or thousands of actions in a single class which I would like to avoid. Is it possible to have multiple actionwords classes? After reading the documentation and viewing most of the videos it’s hard to believe that everyone who is using hip test would have all the possible actions in a single class…