Regression bugs: new GUI causes loss of scenario tag visibility and edit on list level in Scenarios tab also lost Scenarios list view


This was functional in the prior GUI that just changed, now when looking through scenarios within a test run, cannot see tags.

Also would like to search for scenarios with tags outside of a test run. Currently you can, but it will return words etc as well, need a way to search just tags.



You are not the only one missing the tags showed on scenario lists. We are working to bring them back.

Regarding search and filtering abilities we have some trello cards for that:

Feel free to upvote for those cards!



Please create a new issue for tags to be shown in Scenarios area, it is quite difficult to manage tags in scenarios area with new UI as this feature was lost.

Both below should be opened as regression bugs.

Navigate to scenarios, both list view of scenarios is now gone as well as tag visibility on outer tile of each tag.

  1. loss of outer tag view functionality in Scenarios tab, used to be able see all tags on scenarios and to add + edit tags in this view.

  2. lost of Scenario list view in Scenarios tab


Hi Aurelien,
I looked over those trello tickets and they seem not the same as what I’m reporting.
Just updated the title of this thread as well as a reply. Please consider these issues and thank you for looking this over.



An issue has already been opened: