Remove UID from Scenarios

After run the command
"hiptest-publisher --config-file --test-run-id 11111 --without=actionwords"

my scenarios get a long UID, something like: (uid:fccd2c71-42a3-44f8-87bf-fe54dfdd165a)

There’s any way to avoid this?



This is for test automation. Those UIDs allow any automation system to push back the results of an execution to Hiptest.

If you are not in an automation process or do not want to push results back to Hiptest then do not specify a test-run-id in the command line. The UIDs are added because the tests are coming from a test run.

If you want to generate tests for a subset of scenarios then you can use filters with hiptest-publisher. You can take a look here: to see the different filters available with hiptest-publisher.