Run scenarios partially on a test run


Hello everyone.

I’m trying to create a test run with the Scenarios I have created.
The thing is some of them have Datatables and, because of that, different tests. But I do not want to run them all in a single test run.

Is there any way I to run only part of the tests from a Scenario on a given Test Run?

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards.


Hi Jose,

If I understand correctly your request you want to pick some datasets of a scenario’s datatable to add them to your test run? If so, sadly this option is not available at this time, our team has added this feature request to our backlog. You can find here the corresponding Trello card, plase upvote for it to increase its priority in our production.

Currently the only way to do this, is to add the whole of your tests (from your datatabe) in your test run, then you should remove the undesirable tests: one by one from their dedicated page in your test run (test snapshots page).

Pay attention: if you make changes after this addition and synchronize your test run, or if you add scenarios to your existing test run, the test run will automatically synchronize => all deleted tests will then be added back to your test run. You will have to delete them once you are sure that you will no longer synchronize your test run.

Does this answer your question?




That is exactly it, thank you!
I will use the current solution you provided after I make sure we will not need to synchronize the test run (at least for a foreseeable future).

Best regards,
José Magalhães


you’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face: